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Visiting London in Summer (All you need to know)

If you want to spend some or all of your summer in London, then you need to get prepared. While you can expect good weather, plus so many summer activities in London, this is the most popular time of the year. So you can also expect it to be very busy!

This ultimate guide to the summer season in London covers all you need to know when planning your trip. From what weather to expect each month, to things to do in summer in London, by the end of this article you’ll be in the know. Covered here are average temperatures, what clothing to pack, hours of daylight, and lots more. 

When deciding on things to do in London in the summer, it’s worth knowing what warm to hot weather actually means in the cool climate of the UK. It’s also helpful to be informed about sunrise and sunset times, so you can plan what to do before and after dark. 

Don’t visit London in the summer before you’ve checked out this complete guide. Continue reading, and you can discover all there is to know about London summer events, weather and more. 

London in summer - the moat of the Tower of London full of flowers.
  1. 🗝 TOWER OF LONDON – Ceremony of the Keys
  2. 🪄 HARRY POTTER STUDIOS – Making of Harry Potter Studio + HP walking tour of central London
  3. ⭐️ PRIVATE TOUR – Discover Real London black cab tour of London
  4. 🇬🇧 HOP ON HOP OFF BUS – City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
  5. 🥟 FOOD TOUR – Ultimate Food Tour of Borough Market


The summer weather in London tends to be warm to hot, with slightly cooler nights. On average, there are 7 or 8 days of rainfall. In summer, temperatures are hottest in July and August, and days start to shorten after the summer solstice in late June.  

When summer in London actually is can be decided in two ways. The meteorological calendar says that summer commences on 1st June, and runs until the end of August. Astronomical summer, however, begins with the summer solstice. This happens around 20th June, with summer then lasting until around 20th September. 

To simplify matters, we’re using the meteorological calendar here. This means London’s summer runs throughout June, July and August. Here’s a quick guide to the average summer temperatures in London. 

Camden Canal.
  • Average high: 21°C / 70°F
  • Average low: 13°C / 55°F
  • Average days of rain: 8
  • Average high: 23°C / 73°F
  • Average low: 15°C / 59°F
  • Average days of rain: 7
  • Average high: 23°C / 73°F
  • Average low: 15°C / 59°F
  • Average days of rain: 8

So what can you expect from summer time in London? This is the driest, warmest time of the year in the UK.

London Eye and two people standing posing.
Warm to hot weather

While temperatures in the UK don’t tend to be extreme, summer in the city can at times be stifling. This particularly applies when you’re travelling by tube, as the Victorian underground network can get very stuffy. Drinking lots of chilled water, seeking out shady parks, and dressing in loose, light clothing can all help, if you do experience a heatwave. 

Changeable weather

When planning a summer trip to London, keep in mind that temperatures could be cool to hot, and the weather might be wet or dry. Taking a warmer layer when cooler evening temperatures are forecast is a good idea. It’s also worth carrying a waterproof jacket or travel umbrella at all times. The UK has a very changeable maritime climate, and as any Brit can tell you, local weather forecasts can be notoriously inaccurate. 

Wet weather 

During summer in the capital, you can expect seven to eight days of rain, per month, on average. However, this often occurs as a wet spell lasting for a number of consecutive days. When in London, always be ready for rain!

Spend summer in London and you can enjoy longer days than in early spring or autumn. By the solstice in late June, the sun rises as early as 4.40 am, and sets at about 9.20 pm. After this, the days start to shorten again. By the end of August, sunrise occurs about 6.10 am, with sunset at around 7.50 pm.

  • Sunrise: Between about 04:40 and 06:10
  • Sunset: Between about 19:50 and 21:20

On around 20th June, the summer solstice takes place, representing London’s longest day of the year. After this it gets darker in the mornings and evenings, especially by the end of August. 

Lady standing in front of stairs at the National Portrait Gallery London.

When packing for London in summer, bring loose t-shirts, shorts and long-legged trousers, a travel umbrella, a warmer layer or two, a waterproof jacket, and comfortable shoes to walk in. 

Warm to hot weather is average when visiting London, England in summer. Some layers and a waterproof jacket are a good idea, though, as it can get chiller, especially in the evening. If the weather is especially hot, cold or wet, though, there are lots of clothing shops and market stalls in London. 

You’re likely to do lots of walking in London. We recommend packing a pair of hiking shoes, trainers or sneakers, or tennis shoes, plus some walking sandals. Waterproof footwear is best, so you won’t have to walk around with wet feet after a rainy spell!

Bring a waterproof jacket for summer in London. Even for summer, a waterproof, windproof jacket with a detachable fleece inner is good, as you could wear the fleece during chiller evenings. By the afternoon, though, it will probably be too warm to wear an extra layer. So check that your daypack does have space for it. 

While a T-shirt might well suffice during the average summer day in London, you might need to add a sweater, cardigan, or hoodie for dinner time onwards. Again, carrying a waterproof also gives you the option of an extra layer if needed. Quick-drying active trousers are recommended jeans, which can stay wet and soggy for ages. Some have zip-off leg sections, for conversion to shorts when it’s hot. 

For summer in London, a pair of sunglasses, plus a sun hat or cap are necessary. If you have longer hair, bringing something to tie it back with can also be very helpful when you get too hot! A silk scrunchie worn around the wrist is ideal, for example. Don’t forget a refillable water bottle, too. 

Bring a compact travel umbrella and/or a packable, waterproof jacket, plus a comfortable daypack with all the space you need. A good water bottle is also required, and make sure you have somewhere to store it while on the move. 

Lady standing at Hampton Court Palace.

Summer in London can be lovely, with warm to hot weather. It’s the ideal time to enjoy the city’s parks, rooftop terraces, and beer gardens. There are also events and festivals held throughout the season. 

Average summer temperature highs are around 21°C to 23°C (70°F to 73°F), with lows between 13°C and 15°C (55°F to 59°F). There’s usually around seven or eight days of rain. 

There is loads to do in London during summer. You can visit all the usual tourist attractions while the weather is warm, and hopefully dry and sunny. Outdoor events and performances are also at their best, from open air theatre to al fresco concerts and festivals in the parks. 

Summer in London brings warm to hot temperatures and longer days. A T-shirt is generally ideal during the day, though you’re likely to need an extra layer for the evenings. 

Some rain is likely, with around seven to eight wet days per month. Average summer temperature lows in London are between 13°C and 15°C (55°F to 59°F), and 21°C to 23°C (70°F to 73°F).

The best times of year to visit London are April to June and September to October. If you must travel in July or August, do expect crowds, plus higher prices. June is the best summer month if you want to travel when it’s a little less busy. 

Man sitting in front of a sign for Camden Lock.

There’s plenty to do in London in summer. Here are some ideas for the best places to go during June, July, and August.

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  • When: August Bank Holiday weekend
  • Where: Westbourne Park, Notting Hill
  • Closest tube: Notting Hill Gate

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the world’s most famous and colourful celebrations. Join around a million attendees over the August bank holiday weekend, a public holiday held at the end of the month. 

The carnival began in 1966, and celebrates all things Caribbean, from flavoursome food to elaborate costumes. 

  • When: varies 
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

There’s no better time to take a bike tour of London than in summer. And arguably, no better way to see the city. 

Book an organised tour rather than renting a cycle to ensure safety, as well as finding your way. Discovering the city as part of a group can also be much more fun! Here are some recommendations – or you can click the links to find more ideas. 

Why not book a food tour and sample some of traditional London foods including sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, fish and chips and more.

We love food tours with Devour and have enjoyed both their Borough Market food tour and their tour of London pubs (with food and drink)

  • When: Varies by performance
  • Where: Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Closest tube: London Bridge

Just as when the playwright was alive, the roof at Shakespeare’s Globe is open air. The show goes on at the Southbank theatre whatever the weather, making summer the best time to book tickets. 

Plays are performed between May and October. You can also book guided tours of the famous venue.

  • When: Varies 
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

The canal running through north London is often overshadowed by the mighty Thames but is a great place to see another side of the city. Taking to the water is also a more peaceful activity where you can escape the summer crowds. 

Discover Paddington Basin, and Camden Lock as well as Regent’s Canal when you book a GoBoat for one, two, or three hours.

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Brigits Bakery Bus collage of pics.
  • When: days and times vary
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

With the longer evenings and warmer weather, there’s no better time to visit a rooftop bar in London than in summer. Whether you prefer sundowner cocktails or a chilled beer, it’s a great to start the evening or end the day. 

Top picks include elegant Madison’s by St Paul’s Cathedral, the stylish Sky Pod Bar at Sky Garden, smart 12th Knot in Southwark, and glamorous Savage Garden at Tower Hill. 

  • When: days and times vary
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

For Harry Potter fans, London Zoo is a must, as the Reptile House here is the setting for one of the early scenes in the first book and film. It’s a great zoo to visit, anyway, as the oldest scientific zoological facility on earth, and housing around 650 species. 

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are close to the zoo, too, if you fancy a stroll. Camden Town is also just a short way along the canalside. 

Click here to book London Zoo tickets

  • When: days and times vary
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

From foodie favourites the Southbank Centre Food Market or nearby Borough Market to Camden, Covent Garden, Portobello Road and Petticoat Lane markets selling all sorts of goods, there are markets to visit all over London. 

Check out this guide to the best London markets!

There’s no doubt that summer is the most popular season for visiting London. In June, July, and August, the capital comes alive with longer days, summer colour, and warmer temperatures. Outdoor activities are now far more realistic than in autumn, winter, and even spring. 

The only downside is the crowds. But with some pre-planning and early starts, it is possible to make the most of seeing the UK capital at its very best. Enjoy!

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