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Visiting London in Spring (All you need to know)

Are you considering a springtime trip to London? Great idea! Spring in London is lovely, without the tourist crowds that you can expect during summer and around Christmas time

This complete guide to the spring season in London covers everything you need to know. From the weather you can expect from London in spring to what to do during your visit, by the end of this guide you’ll be fully informed about what to wear, average temperatures, hours of daylight and a whole lot more. 

During spring in London, the weather means that it’s warming up and days are getting longer. Which gives you more time for exploring during daylight hours. You should also be able to enjoy more time in the sunshine, though of course in the UK that can never be guaranteed! 

Whether you’re seeking things to do in London in spring or want to know whether to plan a springtime trip at all, this article has all the answers. So read on to discover all you should know about taking a spring break in London. 

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Spring in London | What to Expect

Image courtesy of Domi of Scalens Studio


The weather during spring in London tends to be mild, with cool to warm days and colder nights. You can expect 8 or 9 days of rain, but these tend to occur as wet or dry spells. In general, the days get longer and temperatures higher as spring progresses. 

Spring can be defined in two ways. According to the meteorological calendar, spring commences on 1st March, and lasts until the end of May. Astronomical spring starts with the spring equinox, which takes place around 20th March, and then lasts for three months. 

To make things simple, this article assumes that the London spring runs throughout March, April and May. Here’s an at-a-glance guide to the average temperatures for March, April and May. 

Monthly temperatures and rainfall

  • Average high: 12°C / 54°F
  • Average low: 6°C / 43°F
  • Average days of rain: 9
  • Average high: 15°C / 59°F
  • Average low: 7°C / 45°F
  • Average days of rain: 9
  • Average high: 18°C / 64°F
  • Average low: 10°C / 50°F
  • Average days of rain: 8

So how is spring time in London? The UK is known for having a cold, wet and humid climate, with a lot of rain. 

Spring weather in London

Mild weather

Though there are exceptions, and seeing snow in London during spring isn’t unheard of, daytime temperatures are often into double figures by spring. The mild climate also means that major storms are rare, with no hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. Flash floods do sometimes occur after heavy rain, though.  

Changeable weather

When planning where to go in London in spring, bear in mind that it can be anywhere from cold to hot, and dry or wet. Taking a warm layer, plus a waterproof jacket or umbrella, can be wise. As the UK has a maritime climate, the weather can change very rapidly! Weather forecasts can be used as a guide, but they’re far from foolproof. 

Wet weather 

In spring, you can expect eight or nine days of rain per month in London. However in reality this isn’t often spread out evenly over the month, but is more likely to occur as a wet or dry spell lasting for several days, or even a week or more. The best mantra to live by in London is to always be prepared for rain!

Daylight hours

Spring in London brings longer hours of daylight, especially by the end of May. At the start of spring, sunrise is around 6.45 am and sunset is about 5.40 pm. By the end of the season, the sun rises at around 4.50 am and sets at about 9.05 pm.

  • Sunrise: Between about 06:45 and 04:50
  • Sunset: Between about 17:40 and 21:05

The summer solstice takes place around 21st June in the UK, so by the end of spring you’ll see some of London’s longest days. There’s quite a big difference, especially at sunset, throughout March, April and May. 

British Summer Time

The other factor that comes into play is British Summer Time (BST). This means the clocks go forward in late March – around 29th to 31st on average. As a result, there are more hours of daylight each evening, and less in the mornings. That’s why it’s sometimes called Daylight Saving Time. 


While the sun sets way before 6 pm at the beginning of March, it doesn’t set until after 9 pm by the end of May. So there’s a big difference in how many daylight hours you have after sunrise, depending on when you travel to London. 


The sun rises by 6.45 am at the start of March, and by 04.50 am by the end of May. This is affected by BST. After the clocks have moved forward in late March, there is less daylight during the mornings and more in the evenings. 

Image courtesy of Domi of Scalens Studio

What to pack

When packing for spring in London, plenty of layers, a waterproof jacket, a compact umbrella and sturdy walking shoes are all essential. 

When visiting London, England in Spring, you can expect mild weather in general. However, extremes are far from unheard of! Pack layers and a waterproof jacket, at least. If it is unusually cold or hot, there are plenty of places to buy clothing in London. 


You will do a lot of walking while exploring London. Hiking shoes, tennis shoes, or comfortable trainers or sneakers are ideal for spring. Think about investing in a waterproof pair, as if you do get caught in the rain you don’t want sodden feet all day long. 


For London in spring, a waterproof jacket is also necessary. In case it is cooler than usual, a waterproof, windproof jacket with a fleece inner that can be removed is ideal. By the afternoon it can get much warmer than in the morning, so make sure your daypack has space for carrying unwanted clothing. 


Wearing layers, such as a t-shirt plus cardigan, sweater or hoodie will do nicely for the average spring day. You might also like to add a waterproof jacket or a gilet. Fast-drying active trousers dry faster than jeans, making them a better choice. Some even come with zip-off legs, for conversion to shorts on warmer days. 


If you’re going to London in early spring and you’re not used to the cold, it can be worth packing accessories such as gloves, a scarf and a hat. You may not need them, depending on the weather, but they can make a big difference when the temperature drops.  


A packable waterproof jacket and/or a compact travel umbrella plus a strong, comfortable daypack are ideal for spring in London. 

Visiting London in Spring | FAQs

What is London like in the spring?

Spring in London means less crowds than in summer, and longer hours of daylight than autumn. March, April and May are also warmer than winter, with around eight or nine days of rain per month on average. Temperatures tend to range between 6°C and 18°C (43°F to 64°F). 

Easter takes place between March and April, and there are bank (public) holidays on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Places that usually open on Sundays may also be closed on Easter Sunday. 

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Is March a good time to visit London?

While it can still be cold in London during March, it’s warmer than winter. There are also longer hours of daylight. Apart from when Easter falls in March, tourist numbers are lower than in late spring and summer, early autumn, or around Christmas and New Year. 

Is April a good time to visit London?

April weather is generally mild in London, though there can be some cold and cloudy days. Other days might be warmer and sunnier. Expect some April showers, however, and keep in mind that it can be crowded around Easter time, especially during the school holidays.  

Is May a good time to visit London?

As it’s close to the summer solstice, you can expect long spring days during May in London. The weather is also warming up as summer approaches, but the UK capital is much quieter than in June, July and August.

Keep in mind that there are two bank (public) holidays in May – one at the start of the month and one at the end (both Mondays)

10 Top Things to do in London in Spring

There’s lots to do when you’re visiting London in spring. Here are some suggestions for the best places to go during spring.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

  • When: when pubs are open: 11 am to 11 pm is average
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

If you’ll be in London on 17th March, don’t miss the chance to join in with the local St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Incongruously, it’s much bigger in England than St. George’s Day – go figure. 

Anyway, expect lots of emerald, plus the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place on the closest Sunday to the date, and travels between Hyde Park Corner and Whitehall. There’s also a festival market at Trafalgar Square. Or head to any Irish pub: the city has so many. 

Take a river cruise to Greenwich

  • When: daily services
  • Where: Westminster Pier to Greenwich Pier
  • Closest tube: Westminster or Cutty Sark (DLR)

We love Greenwich and reckon no visit to London is complete without going there! Take a cruise on the Thames for a unique perspective on the city. It’s also the best way to travel between the city and Greenwich. 

Click here to book a Westminster to Greenwich river cruise

Visit a riverside beer garden

  • When: when pubs are open: 11 am to 11 pm is average
  • Where: by the Thames
  • Closest tube: varies

London has so many lovely riverside pubs, which in turn offer the best beer gardens in the city. Head to Chelsea, Chiswick, Wandsworth or Richmond, for example, and simply wander along by the river until you find one. You can simply stop for a drink, or linger for longer by tucking into some yummy pub grub. 

Discover Kew Gardens

  • When: 10 am to 6 pm in March: 10 am to 7 pm in April and May
  • Where: Kew, southwest London
  • Closest tube: Kew Gardens

There’s no finer time to see Kew Gardens than in spring. Everything is in bloom, with colourful blossoms everywhere. Bluebell season also peaks in April to mid-May. You can also see cherry blossoms if you visit before late May. 

Click here to buy tickets for Kew Gardens

Go to the Chelsea Flower Show

  • When: Late May – check here
  • Where: Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Vincent Square, London
  • Closest tube: Victoria

The Chelsea Flower Show is a British institution, and ideal for those who haven’t yet had their fill of flora. Taking place in late May, there’s a multitude of gardens to explore, including one solely for children. You’ll also find inspiration for any size of garden, even if all you have is a balcony or space for a few containers. 

Walk the Millenium Bridge

  • When: any time
  • Where: River Thames
  • Closest tube: Blackfriars

The Millenium Bridge – aka the Wobbly Bridge – is at its best in spring because of the cherry blossom in the churchyard at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s free to wander across at any time of the day, and it no longer wobbles! You can also see all the activity on the River Thames as the city springs into life. 

Explore London parks

  • When: any time
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

London has plentiful parks and they are also at their best in spring. Head to Hyde Park and you can take a pedalo boat onto the Serpentine, or pack a picnic for St. James’ Park. Regents Park to the north is also convenient to combine with London Zoo or Camden Market. 

Enjoy a London photoshoot

Image courtesy of Domi of Scalens Studio
Image courtesy of Domi of Scalens Studio
  • When: by arrangement with our London photographer Domi of Scalens Studio (who took all the photos of me in this article!)
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

We had a photoshoot in London last spring, and it was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. Ours took place in Notting Hill, but you could choose any location that appeals to you.

You can keep the pictures for a lifetime, reminding you of your London adventures even many years later.

Click to book a photoshoot with Domi of Scalens Studio

Don’t miss the spring blooms including daffodils, cherry blossoms and wisteria

  • When: any time
  • Where: all over London
  • Closest tube: varies

If you are in Notting Hill for a photoshoot, to see the streets where movies were filmed or to go to Portobello Road Market, then look up so you don’t miss the cherry blossom and wisteria decorating the trees and buildings. 

There are many places to see cherry blooms in the capital, including Kew Gardens, the royal parks, St. Paul’s cathedral churchyard, and more. For wisteria, you can head to Holland Park and nearby Kensington, as well as Notting Hill.

Take a day trip out of the city

  • When: by arrangement
  • Where: Numerous day trip options including Cambridge, Hever Castle, Windsor, the Cotswolds etc
  • Closest tube: Check the pickup point

Whether you feel like escaping the city or would like to see another side of British life, taking a trip out of London in spring is a lovely idea.

Destination ideas we love and can recommend include the university city of Cambridge on the River Cam, Hever Castle in Kent where the Boleyns once lived, or Windsor, where Queen Elizabeth II is buried.

Will you spend spring in London?

With so much to do, plus mild weather, lengthening days, and fewer visitors than in summer, spring is the perfect time to visit London.

Hopefully you’ll get lucky with the weather, so you can spend some time outdoors, and the fine parks are always free to visit. Even if it’s all April showers, the free museums and galleries in the city could keep you busy for weeks!

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