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London Itinerary Planning Consultation

Book a London (& or UK) Itinerary Planning Consultation with us!

Are you planning your London itinerary but feeling overwhelmed? Do you have a rough itinerary but would benefit from some help to fine-tune aspects of it? Or would you simply like to go through your itinerary with experienced UK travellers to check you haven’t missed anything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not book an itinerary consultation and review with us?

In addition to everything you find on the websites (this and our sister site UK Travel Planning), our private Facebook group and our popular UK Travel Planning podcast we are also available for private travel consultations.

During the consultation you will receive

  • 1-on-1 tailored advice about your itinerary. We also answer any practical questions or concerns you may have about your trip including:
    • Fine-tuning your itinerary to ensure you make the most of your time
    • Answering frequently asked questions such as what to pack, where to eat etc
    • Provide suggestions about relevant tours, activities and day trips
    • Offer tips and practical advice
  • We will also send (via email) a Google sheet within 3 days of our discussion with personalised recommendations and suggestions discussed during the call.

Book a private consultation with London and UK travel experts

Book your UK Itinerary Planning Consultation with Tracy and Doug Collins.

We are Tracy and Doug Collins the faces behind the London Travel Planning website, UK Travel Planning website, UK & London Travel planning Podcast and Facebook group.

We are both Brits with extensive knowledge of travelling in the UK.

Tracy has lived and worked in 7 countries around the world. In the UK alone she has lived in London, the Midlands and the North East. She has extensive experience of travel planning including organising numerous visits to and around the UK.

Doug is a UK train travel guru having worked on the UK rail network for over 25 years. He is also the author of the Guide to UK Train Travel ebook. If you are planning to travel by train Doug is the one to chat to!

We love helping visitors to the UK plan their trips and have made some fantastic friends all over the world through our consultations.

We look forward to chatting with you and helping you plan your perfect London & UK itinerary.

FAQs about the London Itinerary Consultation & Review Service

We offer a variety of time options for itinerary reviews (1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours) and we would urge you to consider the following when deciding which one to choose!

  • How long are you planning to spend in London (& the UK if relevant)
  • How prepared your itinerary is (we have had some very detailed itineraries and also some with very little information – the more prepared you are the more you will get out of the session)
  • How many general questions about London & UK travel you may have

You could also opt to have a 1 hour session initially and then book another to follow up once you have had a chance to reflect on any advice.

We do generally recommend the following:

  • 1 hour for a review of an itinerary up to 7 days
  • 1.5 hours for a review of an itinerary 8 – 14 days
  • 2 hours for a review of an itinerary 14 – 25 days

How does the itinerary consultation and review service work?

Step 1 – Choose your consultation time below. Book the itinerary consultation & review session to discuss your UK itinerary with us at a time that suits you using the calendar below.

Once you have selected a date and time you will be taken to a payments page.

Please note all prices quoted are in US$

Step 2 – You will receive a confirmation email and Zoom link for the session.

Step 3 – Please send us a copy of your draft itinerary at least 48 hours prior to the session at (please put ‘Itinerary Review” in the subject line). This will give us time to prepare and ultimately save time during the call. 

Step 4 – You will receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the session.

Step 5 – We meet via Zoom and chat through your proposed itinerary.

Step 6 – Within 3 days we will send out a PDF with any personalised recommendations made during the consultation.

What is not included?

We do not include any booking services. We are not travel agents and therefore cannot make any bookings on your behalf.

We will however provide you with any accommodation, tours and services that we recommend.

Please double-check the dates and information prior to booking your itinerary. We do our very best to help you plan your trip, but we are not liable for your vacation.

If you contact us during your trip to ask quick questions about your route or any recommendations we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible but we can’t guarantee we can provide advice at short notice. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment Terms:

Payment for your London Itinerary Review is required in full in advance of the session.

  • Refund Policy:

Please note that we do not offer refunds.

In the event that we have to cancel your booking due to a personal emergency, we will provide you with as much notice as possible and send you a link to reschedule our session at a time that suits you.

Alternatively, we can offer you a full refund.

  • Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy:

If you can no longer attend you can cancel the session up to 24 hours in advance and reschedule to another date or request a refund.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before your session you will not be entitled to reschedule or a refund.

Book your 60 minute London Itinerary Planning Consultation

Feedback from previous itinerary consultation clients

The itinerary consultations are SO WORTH IT! I research everything and consider myself a dedicated planner, and the consultation with Tracy and Doug was invaluable. You will not regret it – it truly is a personalized concierge service.

Kathryn – Chicago, USA

“Tracy and Doug were very helpful in answering my questions about traveling in the UK. They took time to find out what my interests were and made suggestions to visit things that were not even on my radar. 

If anyone has questions about traveling by train specifically, you will not find anyone or any site on the web more knowledgeable than Doug. 

Between their UK Traveling website and FB page there is a wealth of knowledge available. 

For anyone traveling to the UK for the first time, the addition of their consultation service was a game-changer for me. All the loose ends and uncertainties were wrapped up with our 45-minute conversation.  

I really enjoyed the follow-up PDF that included everything we discussed in our zoom meeting including links to the websites for the points of interest we talked about and the website I needed to book my train travel from London to Edinburgh.” 

Lori – Ohio, USA