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Visiting London in October | All You Need to Know

Planning to head to London in October? Mid-autumn can be a lovely time to be in the city, with fall foliage decorating the streets and parks, and fewer tourists than in summer, early fall, and around Christmas and New Year. 

This article shares all you need to know about October in London, including average temperatures, hours of daylight, and days of rainfall. We also give some guidance on what to pack, and what to wear in London in October. For the full lowdown on the London in October weather and more, this is the only guide you need.

Here’s everything to expect from the weather in London in mid-fall, plus suggestions regarding London things to do in October. Read on to plan your perfect trip!

Big Ben and a red London phone box with autumn leaves blowing across them.
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The climate in London in October is getting colder and wetter, with shortening days. It might feel summery at the start, and wintry by the end, or anything in-between. 10 days of rain is average for the London October weather. 

  • Average high: 16°C / 61°F
  • Average low: 10°C / 50°F
  • Average days of rain: 10

In terms of temperature, the weather in London in October isn’t hot, but nor is it normally too cold. October is the sixth-warmest month, and average temperatures are similar to those of April or May. 

The weather can tend to “turn” at some point October in the UK, though from summery and warm to colder, more wintry weather. As you might expect, this is more likely later in the month. 

In general, London’s climate is mild, without any major weather events or extremes. Now and then there may be wind storms or flash flooding, but this doesn’t happen too often. 

Due to its coastal location, the UK has what’s called a maritime climate. As it’s an island, the weather can change very fast. The bottom line is to be prepared for rain at all times, even if the day begins with clear blue skies!

London and the rest of the UK are famous for being rainy. In practice, you might visit in October and it will be dry throughout your stay, or it could rain day after day. In reality, wet or dry spells can last for a number of consecutive days at a time. It’s really just down to luck.

London in October with autumn leaves covering the ground.

In October, sunrise is between 7am and 7.45am, then around 6.45am to 6.50am after the clocks go back. The sun sets between 6.40pm and 5.45pm before the clocks change, then around 4.40 to 4.45 afterwards. During October, you’ll have around 10 or 11 daylight hours per day. 

  • Sunrise: Between about 07:00 and 07:45 before BST ends and around 06:45 after
  • Sunset: Between about 18:40 and 17:45 before BST ends and around 16:45 after

The clocks go back (or “fall” back) in London in October. This happens around five days before the end of the month, resulting in lighter mornings and darker afternoons. 

This is because the UK uses British Summer Time (BST) daylight saving in summer, before going back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for winter. 

At the beginning of October, sunset is at about 6.40 pm. By the end, after the clocks go back, sunset is at about 4.45 pm. Before this, it gets dark by about 5.45 pm. 

Sunrise in early October is at about 7 am, reaching 7.45 am later in the month. The sun comes up at around 6.45 am by the end of October, after the clocks have changed.

The Shard in the background with London parks and colourful trees in the foreground.

For fall weather in London in October, pack a waterproof jacket, and a warm layer or two you can wear underneath when it’s cold. You should also bring a travel umbrella, plus a strong, comfortable pair of walking shoes or boots, preferably waterproof ones. You’ll also need sweaters for evenings and chillier days. 

By October, temperatures are starting to drop. It can also get pretty cold during the evenings, and more so at night. Towards the end of the month, it might even feel quite wintry. Here’s what to wear in London during October.

Whatever the October temperature, you’ll do a lot of walking while you’re there. Packing a pair of comfortable shoes you can spend the whole day in is essential. Alternative footwear for the evenings will also give your hard-working feet a break. October’s the time for trainers, sneakers, or boots. It will be too cold for sandals by October.

During October, you’ll need a waterproof jacket that’s also warm – but not one you’ll get too hot in during milder days. Layering is key, even with outerwear, and a garment such as a rainproof jacket with a detachable fleece inner is ideal for mid-autumn.

Make sure you take a daypack with enough space for those extra layers that you might discard or want to carry in case it gets colder.  

Hiking trousers are perfect for October, with jeans for the evenings. You can wear denim by day too, of course, but bear in mind that it can get heavy and uncomfortable when it’s wet. 

Early in the month, a T-shirt might be enough, but you might need sweaters for colder days or in the evenings. 

An insulated waterproof jacket, a comfortable daypack with enough space for essentials and a compact umbrella are ideal accessories for the usual England in October weather. 

A London street in Autumn.

Early October can be surprisingly warm and sunny, while late October might be a lot colder. October is about average for the year in terms of temperature, and similar to April and May.

The fact that it shouldn’t get too hot or cold makes it the ideal season for exploring. You can also see autumn colours across the city, and there are fewer tourists than in summer. 

Average highs of 16°C (61°F) and lows of 10°C (50°F) can be expected in October. Along with around 10 days of rain. It’s more likely to feel chilly by the end of the month but can be very mild or even warm during early October. 

While many Londoners favour black or neutral hues, this is the kind of city where anything goes. You’ll need a jacket that offers some warmth for the evenings and colder days towards the end of the month.

For travelling, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can walk around all day in – and layers that you can add to or remove as required. 

Westminster Abbey with leaves on the ground.

Trying to work out what to do in London in October? Here are some ideas.

  • When: throughout October
  • Where: across the city
  • Closest tube: varies

Though Oktoberfest is a German tradition, it’s been fully embraced here in the UK. Events take place across the city, centering, of course, on beer. This very sociable European occasion is not to be missed!

  • When: throughout October
  • Where: across the city
  • Closest tube: varies

Halloween events take place throughout October in London, during the lead-up to the last night of the month. Expect spooky decorations everywhere, with lots of black, orange, purple, and green.

If you are in town at the end of October, take to the streets of any neighbourhood to see local kids trick or treating. Pick a tube stop in zone 2 or beyond at random, if you don’t know where to go!

  • When: throughout October
  • Where: across the city
  • Closest tube: varies

London is the ideal place to mark the occasion of Black History Month in October. The multicultural population means there are black-owned businesses to support all over the city, as well as special celebratory events.

  • When: throughout October
  • Where: city parks
  • Closest tube: varies

London is blessed with an abundance of beautiful parks. They’re not just for summer but come into their own every autumn when the fall foliage turns every shade of yellow, gold, orange, bronze, and red. Take a stroll through any London park for a dazzling display, kicking up leaves as you go. 

A London park in October with leaves on the grass.

With mild temperatures, and two thirds of your days expected to stay rain-free, October is a pretty good time to be in London. All the summer tourists have long gone by now, reducing the crowds at some city attractions. 

With colourful autumn leaves and a cosy feel, October in London is lovely. Events like Oktoberfest, Halloween, and Black History Month also ensure there’s lots to do. Enjoy!

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